Beyond the Rainbows (paperback)

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I have no soul. My soul was ripped out of me a long time ago.

There has never been an easier time to be gay. As they emerge from a past of perceived sin and illegality, gay men today are increasingly viewed as legitimate equal citizens and there is a very real sense that social values and attitudes towards gay men have changed for the better.

But the development of a gay sexual identity is a complex and often difficult process and there remain sections of the community which are loud in their opposition. Inevitably, such condemnation impacts the lives of young men, leaving many hurt and demoralised.

Tracing her own steps to understanding, Dr Rhodes draws on history, science, social analysis and personal observation to reveal a picture of what being gay really means. Though known to the broader community through the prism of rainbows, pride marches and AIDS, homosexuality also involves a struggle to create meaningful lives in the face of adolescent bullying, societal discrimination and diminished adult self-esteem. Gay sons thus need to be supported, not condemned.

My family is so homophobic, I can never come out.

Author: Linda D. Rhodes